Facilities List

Trak FHM7 Bed MillCNC Capabilities

Trak FHM7 Bed Mill - 3 Axis (conversational) CNC, Travel (X, Y, Z Axis) 60"x 23"x 20.5"

Bridgeport CNC heavy duty bed type vertical machining center Model VMC 760/22, 15 HP w/40-6000 RPM spindle, 22 station tool changer.

Daewoo MYNX 500 hi-speed heavy duty vertical machining center, 20 HP, 8000 RPM spindle w/24 station tool changer.

Puma 240 LatheDaewoo DVC 500 High - Speed heavy duty vertical machining center with integral indexing table, 20 HP, 10,000 RPM spindle, 30 station tool changer.

Samsung SL65 - large CNC turning center, equipped with a 60 HP, 40 inch swing over the bed, & 31 inch swing over the carriage, 1,200 RPM Spindle Package.  It can turn a length of 126 inches, and has a steady rest to support long parts.

Daewoo Puma 240C turning center, 25 HP spindle, 35-3500 RPM.

Bridgeport Series 1 EZ-TRAK (conversational) CNC vertical milling machine.

Okamoto Horizontal Mill - working envelope of 120 inch x 80 inch x 40 inch, with table, tombstone, or v-block fixtures.

Manual Machining Capabilities

Sharp Lathe

Sharp High Precision Lathe - 22" Swing over Bed, 31" Swing over Gap, 13.2" Swing over cross-slide, 120" Distance between Centers, 4.50" Spindle Bore, Digital Read-outs

Victor Fortune Heavy Duty Lathe S20/20 -16" swing over Bed, 8" swing over saddle, 60" between centers.

Clausing Toolroom Lathe Model 5914, 12" swing, 36 between centers.

Bridgeport Series I vertical milling machines.

Cincinnati Horizontal Mill #2

Wotan Horizontal Boring Mill, Model B-3 table type - 3" diameter spindle, 27-1/2" max boring depth, 29-1/2" max distance table top to center of spindle, 77" max distance spindle nose to outboard. 31 inch x 39 inch table, 29-1/2" cross movement of table. Table revolves 360 degrees.

Chevalier Model FSG-618M Hand Feed Surface Grinder, 6'' x 18" Table.Wotan Horizontal Boring Mill

Floor type heavy duty geared head drilling & tapping machine.

Milwaukee magnetic drill, #3 morse taper.

Keyway broaches to 1/2 inch wide, including metric sizes.

Misc. Milling machine attachments, dividing heads, rotary tables, right angle heads. Misc. inspection equipment.


AccurShear Model 650010Welding & Fabrication Capabilities

AccurShear Model 650010

Accupress 100 Ton press break 3/16" x 10'-0".

Scotchman FI-5109 Ironworker 51 Ton.

HEM H101-A1 horizontal automatic production cutoff saw.

Royal 9" x 16" horizontal cutoff saw.

Cresent 20" vertical metal cutting bandsaw.

#2 Arbor press. 16 Gauge x 48" box & pan break.

Metal Bending22 Gage x 30" (mild steel) sheet metal manual slip roll (2" rolls).

13 Gage x 48" (mild steel) sheet metal powered slip roll (3.5" rolls)

Hypertherm PowerMax 800 plasma cutting system.

Hobart Beta Mig-250 welder w/aluminum & stainless capabilities.

Miller CP-032 Mig welder Lincoln Square Wave 255 Tig welder.

Thermal Arc Excel-Arc 6045 Mig/Tig welder.

Lincoln Square Wave 255 Tig Welder Miller Syncrowave 180 CD Tig Welder.


Gibbs CAM/Mill

Gibbs CAM/Turn

Realtrac Shop Floor Manufacturing Software

Solid Edge CAD and FEA

Inspection Department

The FARO PowerGage Arm Inspection Gage is the only portable measurement device that enables manufacturers to verify that a part meets the CAD file's specs to within .0002 of an inch. The power arm is a high tech, yet user-friendly inspection device. As the user traces the arm's tip over the part's entire surface, the system's laptop computer verifies all of the part's 3D measurements against the original CAD file ('the digital blueprint') - to see if it was made correctly and, if not, where it needs to be corrected thus reducing scrap, re-work, and labor costs.

Shop inspection


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