CNC Machining

Whether you need a special machined part, or hundreds of parts per week, we can meet your requirements with state of the CNC turning and machining centers.  Machining your steel, alloy, plastic, aluminum, or bronze precision machined parts to tight tolerances is part of a normal day's work here at DRI.  Below take a look at some of the machines and their capabilities.

We also offer the Bridgeport VMC 760/22 Machining Center, and Series I EZ Track CNC Vertical Milling Machine. With our collection of CNC machines we are capable of running a multitude of product sizes, material choice, and production amount, and close tolerances. Contact us and we will provide you with a competitive price accompanied by the superior quality that you expect. Let us show you why our customers continue to rely on DRI Machine Shop.

Daewoo MYNX 500

Daewoo MYNX 500

Our Daewoo MYNX 500 high speed heavy duty vertical machining center has a 24 tool station, and a 20HP, 8000 RPM spindle package.  We're ready for your high volume requirements.

Daewoo DVC 500

Daewoo DVC 500

High Speed Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Center has a 30 tool station and a 20 HP High Torque 10,000 RPM Spindle Motor.  Equipped with a Large 33.8 inch X 22.0 inch Rotating Dual Pallet Table.

Puma 240 C

Puma 240 C High Performance Turning Center

Equipped with a 25 HP, 21.7 inch swing over the bed, & 15.4 inch swing over the carriage, 3,500 RPM Spindle Package.


Okamoto Horizontal Mill

With a working envelope of 120 inch x 80 inch x 40 inch, this horizontal mill can handle some very large parts.

Trak Mill

Trak Mill

3 Axis CNC, Travel (X, Y, Z Axis) 60" x 23" x 20.5"


Samsung CNC Lathe

Equipped with a 60 HP, 40 inch swing over the bed, & 31 inch swing over the carriage, 1,200 RPM Spindle Package.  It can turn a length of 126 inches, and has a steady rest to support long parts.


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